The Lore Behind the Green Lightsaber

The Lore Behind the Green Lightsaber

Lightsabers are wielded by Jedi, Sith, and other Force-sensitive beings. These weapons require immense determination and training, often over a lifetime. Lightsabers are among the most powerful weapons in the galaxy, capable of cutting through nearly anything.

A lightsaber consists of a plasma blade and hilt, powered by a crystal. This crystal can be a gem, stone, or small object at the core of the saber. Aside from another lightsaber, only energy-conducting materials like an electro staff, Z6 riot control baton, and rare metals can block a saber.

The origin of the first lightsaber is lost to history. However, they were used thousands of years before the Republic, during the Great Scourge of Malachor, the Battles of Rashfond, and the Peacekeeping of Parilock. It wasn't until the Clone Wars that lightsabers became iconic symbols of the Jedi Order. During knighting ceremonies, a Padawan's braid was severed by the presiding Jedi Master. The master would then motion the blade near the Padawan’s shoulders, declaring, "By the right of the Council, by the will of the Force, [Padawan’s name], you may rise."

During the Clone Wars, the Jedi rose as Generals of the Grand Army of the Republic. After the Clone Wars, the Jedi Purge occurred. Darth Sidious created the Galactic Empire, declaring Jedi enemies of the Republic. Many Jedi died, nearly eliminating the Order. Over the next 20 years, the remaining Jedi were hunted by Darth Vader, Inquisitors, Emperor’s Hands, Dark Jedi, and bounty hunters. Eventually, so few Jedi remained that Sidious called off the manhunt.

However, the rebellion against the Empire grew. After Luke Skywalker and his allies defeated the Empire, Luke began training a new generation of Jedi, who were later killed by Kylo Ren, forcing Luke into hiding. Lightsabers played a significant role in shaping Star Wars history. Let's dive into the lore and history of the green lightsaber.

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Jedi Consulars

Consulars often wielded green lightsabers, representing their commitment to peace. These Jedi focused on meditation, diplomacy, and academic pursuits. Many Consulars worked with the Republic Diplomatic Corps, with the greatest achieving positions on the Council of Reconciliation.

Green lightsabers were used by political negotiators within and outside the Galactic Senate. Consulars could also specialize as teachers, seers, or healers, aligning with their perspective. The top-tier Consulars, known as Sage Masters, demonstrated superior Force abilities in both combat and politics.

Sub-branches of Jedi Consulars included:

  • Jedi Ambassador: Liaison between new worlds and the Republic Senate, mediating membership discussions.
  • Jedi Diplomat: Handled treaties and political disputes using extensive knowledge of intergalactic politics and Force insights.
  • Jedi Healer: Cured diseases and accelerated healing using the Force, often aiding soldiers on war-torn worlds.
  • Lore Keeper: Maintained the Jedi Temple archives, divided into Archivist, Historian, and Librarian.
  • Jedi Researcher: Updated the archives with new information as archaeologists, scientists, and scholars.
  • Jedi Seer: Possessed pre- and post-cognition, glimpsing past and future events. Jedi Prophets led the Seers, having divine visions like the Prophecy of the Chosen One.

The kyber crystal is the most common crystal in lightsabers. Here are three rare crystals that power green lightsabers:

  • Adegan Crystal: Rare and Force-reactive, Adegan crystals have a strong affinity with Jedi and the Force, creating powerful sabers.
  • Allya’s Redemption: Produces an acidic effect in combat, causing poison to course through the opponent’s veins. Its light green color is identifiable and it’s named after a rogue Jedi Knight of the Old Republic.
  • Meetra Surik Crystal: Naturally forms on Dantooine, absorbs excess energy from Force-sensitive beings, and enhances subsidiary crystals in a lightsaber.

Embrace the legacy of the Jedi with your own green lightsaber.

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