Experience the versatility of our lightsabers with instant blade color changes. No need to settle for single colors anymore. Our sabers offer a range of popular colors accessible through a simple button or gesture control. Discover the meanings behind different lightsaber colors.

Crafted from robust T6 Aluminum Alloy, our saber hilts will prove both durable and lightweight in your next duel. Forget cheap retractable plastic blades - Sith Sabers uses resilient one-piece polycarbonate blades to withstand your next confrontation with ease! Try it out for yourself and see the difference quality makes.

From explosive ignitions to the subtle yet unmistakeable hum of an elegant weapon - immerse yourself in the full lightsaber experience with smoothswing technology and integrated motion sensors that combine to create authentic lightsaber realism. Our lightsabers include various Soundfonts to customize your saber's audible character and you'll enjoy realistic sound effects through high-quality speakers.

Beyond color changes, our blades offer dynamic effects like blaster deflection, saber lock, door melting and more! Our Neopixel and Proffie variants feature captivating blade ignitions and retractions that will impress your friends and intimidate your enemies! enhancing the overall experience. Discover more about Neopixel technology for an advanced saber experience.

  • Ishaan A.

    I have loved Star Wars cosplay for a long time and was always looking for the perfect saber. Well now I have found it here at Sith Sabers. These sabers feel super legit and high quality.

    5/5 ★★★★★

  • Lexi W.

    I am absolutely in love with the lightsaber i ordered. It came quickly and works great! I love that I can change the sounds and colors, it feels like something out of the movies.

    5/5 ★★★★★

  • Kyle P.

    I looked around at many different types and brands of light sabers but this was by far the best value. The saber is high quality and strong, i have actually used it in a few duels already!

    5/5 ★★★★★

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